Being customer oriented, I want to ensure you get the most from your time with me. Think about what you want to portray in your portraits, what you like to see in images of yourself and others. I can offer suggestions to help with this but it is up to you to convey your desires to me. Here are some helpful hints for your consideration:

I know we are all guilty of falling into the white t-shirts and jeans fad. Try something colorful for your photoshoot! Your goal should be to coordinate but not be matchy-matchy. Color is good!!! Patterns are great. It’s okay to mix and match a bit. You can mix stripes, plaids and even polka dots - gasp! Have fun with it and just be you. When shopping for outfits a lot of people will start with the easiest person in their family to shop for. Typically this is the mom or daughter. I tend to do the opposite. I like to shop from hardest to easiest. In our family I typically start with my husband, move onto my son, then to me, and finally my daughter (little girls are so easy). If I start with the person with the least amount of options I tend not to get overwhelmed and it helps me narrow down a color scheme. You should be able to sit, stand, lay down, jump, do the hokey pokey and turn yourselves around in whatever you are wearing. If you are not comfortable in your outfit it will show in your pictures, especially with kids. Although their outfit may be picture-perfect, if their shoes are uncomfortable or their shirt is itchy your child will not be happy and it will show in their pictures.

I like my clients to really show their personality with their clothes. Just look like a better version of your everyday self. If you don’t normally wear dresses and high heels, don’t wear dresses and high heels. If your two year old loves tutus, dress her in a tutu. If your five year old is obsessed with super heroes. let him wear a super hero cape. You will treasure those images more in 5, 10, 15 years because that is real, everyday life.

Accessories make the outfit. When picking out shoes look for a fun color. And headbands. Find cool socks. Choose a funky belt and jewelry! Don’t forget the little details.

Glasses – If you wear glasses bring them with you. We can take portraits both with and without them. Eye glass glare can be removed digitally but it is extremely difficult and at times, impossible to look “unnoticeable.” Certain common head angles can reduce the glare. Removing the lenses works the best.

Nails - Nails (fingers and toes) should be freshly polished with NO CHIPS, or left clean and natural. Remember this for the little ones, too. Chipped nails don’t look nice in photos. (THIS IS MY PET PEEVE!)

Take off temporary tattoos before your shoot if you do not want them in your photos. I will not remove them in post-processing. It is much easier for you to take them off with baby oil than for me to remove them in Photoshop.

Digital Enhancements – While digital corrections can be made please do not rely on them. Some things are very costly to correct.

Call or text me at 919-406-4365 if you have any questions about styling.