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Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the web! Photography by Stephanie Kay specializes in child and family portraits, high school seniors, engagement and maternity portraits in Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Holly Springs, Atlantic Beach, Pine Knolls Shores and Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I shoot on location all over the Triangle and the Crystal Coast. I focus on natural outdoor photography sessions.

Our beach season is in fast approaching! I am so blown away by all the beautiful families that we have met, and the beautiful beach sessions that we have had. I get so many emails from clients asking about what are the best ways to prepare their kids and family for this type of session.
So with that being said, there are a few things that I have found that really help prepare your family for our time together.
  1. Talk with your family about the session before hand: It’s always a great idea to chat up the fact that you are having family pictures taken while on vacation. That this is really important to capture memories for your family while at a favorite spot. I recently had a amazing session with a family with two young children and it went so well. Mom said that she had been telling the kids for a while about the session and they were well prepared and even looking forward to it
  2. Show them my website so that they are prepared for the types of things we will do. We will do some posed shots, they will be close together, we will be on the ground, in the sand, we might be in the water at the end. So many things, and if they have an idea of what’s coming, it will help them look forward to it.
  3. Make sure everyone is rested: I can not stress this enough! I know you are on vacation, but we shoot late in the day, and that’s often a hard time for little ones, so please make sure they get a good nap in. Even for parents, take a rest so that you are not stressed. It really helps.
  4. Well fed kiddos (and adults) make for happy ones: Again, we are shooting late in the day, and often my family’s go out to eat after the session because they are dressed up, but make sure snacks have been eaten so that we are not grumpy because we are hungry! You can even bring a snack (not messy one) to your session.
  5. Don’t Stress: The beach is supposed to be relaxing and fun…and that is what I will aim to capture. It helps tremendously if you are relaxed and see it as fun. I will get the shots…I promise, so concentrate on having fun with your family.
  6. Connection: I have said this over and over, but connection is what it’s all about for me. So, please talk to dad and your kids….I will have you close, hugging, connecting, touching etc. It helps if they know this ahead of time.
  7. Bring something for long hair: if you don’t you will regret it and so will I. I have had so many “great shots” that I can not use due to hair across the face. I can edit some of this, but when it’s blowing huge strands of hair, it’s nearly impossible to edit. Remember we are on the beach…it’s windy, sometimes really windy and so having headbands, clips or something that we can use to pull hair back really helps! I would plan for it to be windy….and if it’s not then yeah! But most of the time it is!
  8. Please put the phones away: It makes it very hard, if you are trying to take a picture with your phone, and I am doing the same …the kids will look at you because that is what they are use to, and I won’t get them to look at me. So if I see them out, I will ask you to put them away. I want to get the best shots possible, with the least amount of distractions.
  9. The flow: I use the same flow with most of my sessions. I shoot everyone sitting, standing; I will do individuals of kids, of families etc.  I will have you on the ground, in the sand, so just be prepared.
  10. Have Fun! The more fun you have the better your images will be! I promise, if you look at this as a “fun thing” your images will reflect it! So there are my tips for helping your family prepare for our time together. Please at anytime, if you have any questions…ask me! I’m always here for you to help you! I want this to be as successful as possible!

Photography by Stephanie Kay photographs on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Pine Knolls Shores, Morehead City, Beaufort and Newport.

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Photography by Stephanie Kay